Welcome to DAEA's website in English!

The Danish Adult Education Association is an umbrella organisation (NGO) catering for 34 countrywide member organisations, all working with non-formal adult education.


DAEA's goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for non-formal adult learning. We consider it an objective of non-formal adult education to contribute to education of all individuals and to improve active commitment of every citizen in the development of a society of freedom, equality and democracy.

Why this website? 
We wish to introduce non-Danish readers to:

- Adult education and learning in Denmark
- Who is DAEA
- Who are the 33 member organisations
- Our projects and focus areas

International cooperation
DAEA strongly supports competence development through crossborder cooperation. Therefore, we hope that this information will also encourage creation of international partnerships in view of exchange activities and cooperation projects. Through cooperation innovative pathways may be found to improve non-formal adult learning provision in Denmark as well as in other countries.