Combined Youth Education

Young adults need flexible education to learn to learn

A new law on FlexEducation for young people has been in the pipeline since 2011 and was coverted into 'Combined Youth Education' as part of a VET reform aadopted in spring 2014. 

The new education became different to what we originally expected it to be. It was meant to target young people who - because of several reasons - are not prepared to enter and fullfil the existing general or vocational upper-secondary educations. The aim was to motivate them for further education and training.

The target group of the Combined Youth Education is far more narrow than this and the aims of the education much more modest. The youngsters of this new education are not first of all expected to continue education afterwards, but rather graduate after 2 years with a very low qualification not even giving them a right to collect out-of-work support fees. In addition, the education has been adoption with a time limit = 2021.

DAEA strongly supported the introduction of a new FlexEducation. Non-formal adult education providers have proved to be successful when combining motivation, guidance and education. Therefore, the non-formal adult education institutions were prepared to play a decisive role in the implementation and provision of the FlexEducation.

However, the Combined Youth Education is now a fact. It will open in August 2015 and the non-formal adult education providers will do their best to offer the best education possible to the defined target group within the exisiting frames. At the same time they will - togehther with DAEA - work for alternative education opportunities to be adopted to meet the real needs of those youngsters who still do not fit into the existing offers.