After InfoNet - it's Elm

InfoNet produced Writing for Europe. InfoNet does not exist any more. In 2015 InfoNet merged with LLinE. The result was Elm - European LIfelong Learning Magazine

Elm 380

ELM (is a unique open access magazine that will be the only journalistic media in Europe on adult learning with a continent-wide network of correspondents and authors. It based on the experience that has been gathered over
many years of activities by European InfoNet Adult
Education (InfoNet) and the magazine “Lifelong
Learning in Europe” (LLinE).

The new magazine ELM is based on a website presenting new content every two weeks and a quarterly thematic issue. A
print-version is available on demand; it is based on the quarterly issue.

The content consists of: news, interviews, reporting, background and in-depth articles, book reviews, personal columns, blogs, multi-media casts, etc. ELM covers all aspects of adult education.