Three tools for assessment of prior learning developed in non-formal adult education

By using these tools you can describe and document the unique skills and competencies you have developed in non-formal adult education, association work or volunteer work.

You fill in the questionnaire on your own or together with a sparring partner. The end result is a competence profile of your prior learning. This description can be used when you apply for work or when applying for admission to an education programme.

Prior learning includes everything you are able to do, regardless of how you have learned it. Some of your abilities are certified, others are just things that you are able to do. 

When developing the tools back in 2006, the original project description stated that "Until now, we have received the certification of the competencies we have acquired in formal education programmes, but the introduction of prior learning assessment makes it possible for the individual to receive recognition for the skills and competencies acquired in other areas of life.

Non-formal adult education and activities in associations constitute a unique arena for learning. When you cast light on and document the skills and competencies of the individual acquired in these areas, it becomes possible to grant credit in relation to formal education programmes and the labour market. At the same time, it becomes possible to engage in dialogue and in some instances boundary-breaking dialogue and development across sectors."

The tools are only available in Danish and were revised in 2014/2015.


PilIntroduction to the project(in Danish)

The three websites
 (in Danish):

PilNon-formal adult education

PilAssociation work

PilVolunteer work

PilValidation Tool (Short version in English)

DFS linkCompetence Game and cards

PilMy Competence Portfolio gives you and overview and documentation of what you have learned through your education, work and spare time. Press the flag for English version.