Non-formal adult learning for refugees – for our common good

Non-formal adult education providers and associations welcome and include in their activities refugees having reached Denmark.

DAEA and our member organisations wish to give refugees a good living. As long as they are with us. Regardless how many they are and how long they may stay. 

This initiative aims at: 

  • Drawing attention to the great variety of activities already going on
  • Inspiring our own schools and associations to initiate more activities
  • Inspiring also others to do the same
  • Giving our contribution to the debate in society about people’s equal value, active citizenship and learning and active communities

DAEA is developing a catalogue with an overview of activities with, for and about refugees in non-formal adult education institutions and associations. 

Examples are courses in gym, movement and health issues. Debate cafes about solidarity. Refugees as trainees in non-formal schools, and common folk high school courses for refugees and non-refugees studying side by side.

All institutions and associations are strongly encouraged to extend the number of activities and thereby contribute to make a rich and comprehensive catalogue pointing out best practice of inclusion of refugees in our society. 

PPH AP2015 440

A little civil disobedience

"We are created in a system of rules and subsidies. Consider whether or not you can let them go a bit. Put a few extra people in a team without tuition. Make a little civil disobedience and help embracing adult education take in refugees."
Those were the words of the chairman of the Danish Adult Education Association, Per Paludan Hansen, when he spoke to a large group of adult education leaders at the "Evening Schools Award" event.