Adult Learners' Week

5 - 11 May 2014 with focus on basic skills

Adult education plays an essential role in Denmark. It is crucial that all adults have the possibility of participating in both formal and non-formal learning activities with the purpose of promoting lifelong learning.

Adult Learners' Week has in 2014 been celebrated for 5 years as a national celebration of the benefits of lifelong learning and is an opportunity to explore the many types of learning available to adults from all walks of life.   

 Adult Learners' Week 

Focus on basic skills

The Adult Learners' Week is coordinated by DAEA.

Together with our partners we invite all providers of adult education and in-service activities as well as workers' unions and employers to arrange one or more local learning days in order to encourage continuing learning and strengthened skills and competences among all citizens.

Through a number of events all around the country, the Adult Learners' Week exposes the variety of possibilities for participation in learning activities in everyday life.

Examples of activities:

  • A fair at the local library where different providers of learning activities for adults in a funny and exiting way present their courses and other learning activities.
  • A bus at the town square with testing equipment for dyslexia and basic skills for anyone who dares to try.
  • A learning café for employees in enterprises where a local celebrity tells her/his personal 'learning
    There are many ways to show the aboundance of opportunities for adult learning.

The Danish ALW website

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Other countries' Adult Learning Celebrations
Adult Learning Weeks, Days, Festivals etc. are organised in several countries. Look right for links.

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The Ministry of Children and Education was an important player in the ALW project 2013. Involved in the design of the event week were, in addition to DAEA, organisations for adult education centres, vocational schools, education councellors and the Danish Library Association.
ALW 2013 was supported by funding from EU's Lifelong Learning Programme.


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