National vision on non-formal adult education

The Minister of Culture presented on 30 November 2014 a new vision for non-formal adult education.

The overall objective of the non-formal adult education project is to fight for everyone’s right to him-/herself define in which direction society should develop. Non-formal adult education is already doing great and important work but the vision can contribute to make common values even more clear and develop much further the diversity of activities taking place today.

The vison
The aim of the vision is to develop and re-think non-formal adult education into the contemporary society in order to meet present challenges, appeal to new generations and continue to make people meet, learn and become active and engaged citizens through working in common. Society is changing and the globalization and increased competition put pressure on democracy.

Non-formal adult education has earlier proved to be able to inspire the development of society and the debate of values, and there is now a need for this to happen again.

The Minister’s expectation is that the providers of non-formal adult education in cooperation with the municipalities (responsible for AE) will follow up on the vision and turn the values into concrete actions based on local needs and challenges. In this way, the vision is a contribution to the discussion of values which is going on in society these years.

Core values
There are 12 core values in the vision. Among these are:

  • To create possibilities to take part in commited common environments
  • To work for a broader concept of values than the one which can be expressed in economical and rational terms
  • To protect minorities and contribute to make it possible for them to unite around common values and activities
  • To give the citizens opportunities to base their views on knowledge and not prejudices
  • To make the non-formal adult education project outward-looking and not expulsive
  • To criticly reconsider the formats in which non-formal adult education is being organized, its activities and the use of ressources