Graph of Danish Adult Education

Danish adult education consists of a broad non-formal education arena and in formal/qualifying general education (school level) continuing vocational training and higher education programmes.


Parallel adult education system
The Danish formal adult education system is a parallel to the mainstream formal education system. Ie. education is provided to adults - and for adults - at all education levels and exams can be taken at all times during life. 

The mainstream system is green in the graph below. Formal adult education is blue and red, and non-formal adult education is yellow.
Non-formal education provision (yellow square areas in the graph) may create basis for exams, if the learner chooses to finalise the education with a formal qualification.

Well developed non-formal education provision

The non-formal learning provision in Denmark has a twofold role:

  1. To enable self-fulfilment and empowerment of the participant, to provide education in democracy and to ensure equal opportunities and social cohesion.
  2. To support and prepare for formal education.

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