Danish Adult Education - Developments and Priorities

In Denmark there are numerous opportunities for continuing education for adults within the formal education system and within non-formal education. The two areas have very different conditions relating to economy, organisation and purpose.

It is a policy priority  to change and qualify the workforce to a knowledge-based, flexible and innovative production, and to prepare the society and its citizens for new sustainable and coherent ways of life.

Changes in structures and contents are part of a continuous development in the adult education and the continuing education area in Denmark, and various new political initiatives are supporting this process.

PilPress here to open the document.  Written by Agnethe Nordentoft, DAEA.
In the document you will find a description of several elements of adult education in Denmark, such as:

  • current and general tendencies in Danish adult education.
  • a historical outline of adult education in Denmark.
  • the structure of the overall education system with a focus on adult and continuing education consisting of formal as well as non-formal education/'folkeoplysning' (popular enlightenment and education).

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