National partner organisations

In addition to DAEA's member organisations we also have a number of national partnership members. These are associations and organisations working with non-formal adult learning, but which do not meet all the requirements to become a DAEA membership organisation according to our statutes (§5).

Partnership members have access to certain webservices, courses, conferences etc. organised by DAEA and our yearly general assembly (no right to vote).

It is important for DAEA to have close cooperation with all relevant players within the non-formal learning area. Therefore, we are constantly enlarging our network of partnerships.

PilAFS Interkultur

PilAssociation for protecion of the ocean

PilAssociation of Youth School Leaders

PilCouncil of Volontary Arts Association - AKKS

PilDanish Library Association


PilDanish Central Library for South Schleswig - DCLS

PilDanish Committee for Health Education

PilIndependent Academy for Free School Teaching


PilNational Association of Voluntary Cultural Councils

PilNational association for adult education within amateur  art

PilNational society of Danish cultural centres "Kulturhusene i Danmark”  

PilThe Think Tank DEA