SFOF - Socialistisk Folkeoplysnings Forbund



The mission of SFOF is to provide civic education based on socialistic ideas.

Through own activities and dialogue with other movements and organisations SFOF seeks to contribute critically to the public debate and conception of the existing society.

The association's scope for its civic education is both national and international.

In all parts of civic life SFOF wants to inspire the formulation and realisation of concrete alternatives, which can contribute to the vision and the debate of developing our society in a socialistic way with a democratic, organic and sustainable basis.

Target group:

The target group varies dependent on which activity SFOF is engaged in. Our primary target group is adult citizens as a whole and citizens on the political left in particular.

Size of the organisation:

- Number of local departments: 12
- Number of courses per year: 60

Email: sfof@sfof.dk


For more information about SFOF - Socialistisk Folkeoplysnings Forbund go to www.sfof.dk