LOF – The Liberal Adult Education Association, Denmark


LOF is a nationwide adult education association.

Within the context of lifelong learning, public enlightenment and respect for the individual LOF offers non-formal adult education and cultural activities.

LOF aims at providing the individual with knowledge and insight that makes the participant able to take responsibility for its own life and to participate in democracy.

LOF was formed in September 1945 by The Liberal Party of Denmark, Venstre, and is a non-governmental organization based on voluntary committee members in 80 local branches throughout Denmark.

LOF wants to ensure that the population is at the forefront of future challenges both in relation to developments in society, at the job market and in private life.

LOF wants to bring education, personal development and reflection to the general public, and want to foster dialogue between people and bring about the conditions for an active citizenship for the individual.

Target group:

LOF provides non-formal education for all adults through a wide variety of activities.


We offer courses, lectures, debates and experiences, which provide the participants with new knowledge and enlightenment.

Participants can choose between a wide variety of activities such as language courses, sports, it and computers, outdoor life, creative subjects and health education.

LOF also offers single lectures and debating activities on different subjects e.g. history, opera, politics, the media and current issues that has a particular public interest such as the Arab Spring, Denmark involvement in Afghanistan, the financial crisis etc.

Besides the non-formal education LOF also offers education for people with reading and writing disabilities and preparatory education for adults.

All of the activities that LOF offers have the same aim; to give the participants the knowledge to take part in society and to strengthen democracy and citizenship.

A large number of LOF's activities are spent on health education such as yoga, healthy diet and lifestyle diseases. LOF has entered into partnerships with some local governments and patients' associations on this issue to promote public health. A new initiative in this field has been New Nordic cooking; how to make easy and healthy everyday food with inspiration from Nordic cuisine.

LOF wishes to promote the debate on the EU and wants to ensure that the public has information available to take part in debates on the affected issues. A new initiative for the coming years has been to focus on current issues such as the financial crisis, climate and renewable energy and how the EU on such issues plays a role in Danish society.

As an organization founded by The Liberal Party of Denmark, LOF is also involved in promoting and strengthening multiparty democracy in developing countries trough The Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP). DLDP is currently working in Kenya and Zambia on building the capacity of political parties, across the political spectrum.

Size of the organisation: 

- Number of local departments: 80
- Number of schools: 80
- Number of courses per year: 17.000
- Number of learners/students per year: 130.000

Email: lof@lof.dk


For more information about LOF – The Liberal Adult Education Association, Denmark go to www.lof.dk