Leisure and Society



Fritid & Samfund / Leisure and Society is a network-based association in the non formal adult education and culture area covering the whole country. It works on creating renewal in this area through exchange of experience based on both international and national networks; a renewal, which involves all parts of the adult education and culture area with a view to strengthening the participative democracy of Danish municipalities.

Fritid & Samfund / Leisure and Society has built up a significant competence within the areas: non formal adult education, voluntary work, leisure planning, the development of an active citizenship, project counselling and evaluation, development of local democracy, network control, legislation in the leisure and culture area, description of new social tendencies, crime preventive work, recognition of non formal competences, analysis of new developmental tendencies. The organization is working in the bridge between the civil society and the adult education on the one hand and the municipalities on the other side.

Target group: 

Primary t.g.:  NGO- organizations, municipalities, associations.

Secondary t.g.: 
Personal members.


Fritid & Samfund / Leisure and Society solves tasks in interplay between the secretariat, the adviser group and members of the network groups who are spread out over the whole country.

It offers courses, workshops, networks meetings and seminars on local political issues, does research and development work and publishes books and a magazine: "Tidsskrift for Kultur & Fritid" - all in order to spread information on active citizenship, policy on culture, adult education and socio-cultural topics.

Size of the organisation:

Number of members: 1400

Email:  fritid@fritid-samfund.dk


For more information about Leisure and Society go to www.fritid-samfund.dk