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N. F. S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) is one of the most influential persons in Danish history, his ideas having left their mark on church, school and politics and still being vividly discussed in the Danish society. Grundtvigsk Forum is dedicated to reinterpret Grundtvig's thoughts and make him known in Denmark and abroad.

His thoughts were crucial also for establishing the folk high schools. The folk high schools intended to enlighten peasants to take part in society and political life in the new democracy in the 19th century.

Target group:

Grundtvigsk Forum's target groups are a broad section of the Danish population and interested foreigners.


Members of Grundtvigsk Forum work all over Denmark taking part in current debates and arranging conferences and seminars. Many arrangements take place in the secretariat Vartov in Copenhagen.

Furthermore the organization runs The Grundtvig-Library and the Grundtvig-Academy.

Size of the organisation:

69 local departments (numbers of local members in the departments varies) and 170 individual members outside these departments.


The Vartov courtyard



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