Fora - Learning and creativity in common



The purpose of Fora is organization and proliferation of courses in topics deemed to have either beneficial societal effects or contributing to the development of the individual as a citizen.

Organizing some 175 local departments, Fora is responsible for putting on offer for the public a wide range of different educational and hobby- or crafts-oriented courses with the purpose of creating a space for people to meet and engage in activities together, thus forming relations that supersedes the purpose of each individual course.

The effects of creating this room, is, that each course is about much more than the given subject or activity, that is has as a side-effect the building of model democratic citizens and the creation of unity amongst diverse groups.

Thus, building unity and connecting diverse groups of people is the hallmark of "folkeoplysning", non-formal adult education, or "the popular enlightenment".

In Fora we strive to do this by creating inviting environments for people to get together and share their knowledge and skills.

Target group:

Adults desiring education or activities that will involve them with society.

Also special emphasis is often placed on courses that focus on groups in society with special educational needs, such as the elderly (for instance computer courses), immigrants, and the physically disabled.

Size of the organisation:

Number of local departments: 175


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