"Folkevirke - social - cultural political information" is a cross-country, cross-party adult education organisation founded in 1944.

Folkevirke's working fields are centered round social, cultural, and political aspects in which we wish to engage through a binding, open and unprejudiced dialogue.
Folkevirke is working across all dividing lines - social, cultural, political, geographical, religious and age-related.

Folkevirke's aim is to bring new initiative to adult education. Folkevirke wishes to promote an active dialogue, thereby offering the participants a better foundation for engaging themselves in the democratic process.

Folkevirke publish a quarterly magazine - "Folkevirke" -, in which each issue focuses on a special topic within a cultural, political or social area. Each topic is illustrated from the greatest possible number of aspects, thereby giving the reader a good basis for taking his stand on the questions asked and improving his possibilities for taking part in debates on public matters.

Target group:

All active citizens. Folkevirke provides adult education and it is primarily women who participate.


Folkevirke has focus on whatever we find important: Environmental questions - new technologies including genetic technology - the challenge of migration and minorities - ethical questions - economics - literature - theatre - music - art, especially women artists, and so forth.

Folkevirke has been known to bring what you would call "early warnings". Time and again a subject has been thoroughly treated in our study circles and meetings.

Folkevirke has a large network and do make meetings together with many different organisations - primarily with organization which are member of Folkevirke.

Folkevirke has participated in many transnational activities - the EU-supported Grundtvig and the Nordic Nordplus.

In 2012 Folkevirke has been chosen as coordinator for two projects - "The Cultural Kalejdoscope" and "New and old Democracies".

Size of the organisation:

Number of members: 650
Number of local departments: 12


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