The Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO)


The Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO) is a Danish debate organisation working with European issues.

Our overall aim is to further democracy in Europe. From a participatory democratic perspective we wish to engage the general public in a nuanced debate on the politics and workings of the European Union.

DEO is independent of political parties and interests and has no political agenda. We build our organisation on voluntary work and contributions from private and public funds.

DEO was founded in 2005.

Target group: 

Primary t.g.: Our core activities are public debates and meetings. These are targeted at the general public. 

Secondary t.g.: Professionals working with EU issues, NGO's working in the field of EU politics, students at higher education institutions.

Tertiary t.g.: Teachers and students/pupils at primary and secondary schools.

Description of the organisation's activities:

The core activity in DEO's work is our public debates. We arrange about 40 debates each year - many of those in close cooperation with Danish and European civil society groups and organisations. The debates can take on many forms, but our main activities include:

  • Debate meetings with experts and politicians
  • International conferences on EU-issues and politics with a high priority on the European and Danish political agenda
  • A number of less formal activities, always involving EU-debates and highly qualified experts, like city walks, excursions and film streaming.

DEO also offers a number of intensive study trips to EU-destinations like Bruxelles and Strasbourg and also a number of longer study trips by bus to Poland, Germany, France, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We arrange 5-10 trips each year.

Since 2009 DEO has been a key player in promoting case based and problem oriented EU-teaching at high school and primary school level. We provide an innovative bottom-up approach aimed at meeting the needs in the classrooms by combining teachers training, engaging research-based pupil workshops and the production of didactically and academically high quality teaching material. We arrange two large scale conferences for teachers each year, a number of post education workshops and seminars, an interactive website with up to date teaching materials and a number of activities for pupils and students.

Since 2009 DEO has been publishing the monthly EU-magazine NOTAT.

For more information about DEO's activities and projects (in Danish):

Size of the organisation: app.3.500 individual participants per year.



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