Danish Border Association - Grænseforeningen

It is the rationale for The Danish Border Association:

  • to support the Danish culture in Southern Schleswig, which form the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein
  • to increase the knowledge in Denmark of the culture and conditions of the Danish minority in Southern-Schleswig
  • on a broader scale to sustain and support Danish language and culture.

Target group:

The target group of The Danish Border Association is people of all ages, who take an interest in either:

• Danish language, culture and history
• issues of minority rights


Some activities of The Danish Border Association are founded in the local departments and other in the main organization.

The local departments primarily organize historic and cultural lectures, trips to Schleswig or other places in Europe with minority issues.

The main organization organizes different projects:

  • Holiday children/Feriebørn - www.feriebarn.dk: Summer holiday with Danish families in Denmark for children of the Danish minority in Germany.
  • Exchange pupils/Udvekslingselever  - www.feriebarn.dk: A two week exchange between pupils in Denmark and the Danish minority in Germany.
  • Student ambassadors/Elevambassadører - http://www.elevambassadørerne.com: Students of the Danish minority visit schools in Denmark and give speeches about belonging to a national minority, having two mother tongues, diversity etc.
  • Ambassadors of Intercultural meeting/Kulturmødeambassadører (http://ambassador.graenseforeningen.dk): A large group of students belonging to the Danish minority in Germany as well as the German minority and ethnic minorities in Denmark are meeting up with other students in Denmark representing both the majority and the minorities in order to discuss prejudice and other obstacles for making everyone feel at home.

The main organization also publishes the magazine GRÆNSEN six times a year discussing minority issues, culture and language and the website www.GRÆNSEN.dk for a free public debate.

Size of the organisation:

Number of members: 15000
Number of local departments: 73

Email: info@graenseforeningen.dk


For more information about Danish Border Association - Grænseforeningen go to www.graenseforeningen.dk