Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (DATA)



The Danish Atlantic Treaty Associations aim is to create a forum for active and open debate and facilitate European and transatlantic cooperation.

We want to produce high-quality events and present relevant security- and defense issues in a way that inform and inspire. Today's security issues are often complex and hence difficult to fully understand for non-experts. And yet these issues have an enormous impact on everybody's life regardless of our understanding; take for example terrorism, cyber-attacks, environmental threats etc. This is the reason for DATA's existence: to make sure that these relevant and very real problems are presented in an accessible way.

Target group: 

Primary t.g.: Everybody with an interest in international politics and security.  

Secondary t.g.: College and university students

Tertiary t.g.: College and university teachers

Description of the organisation's activities:

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association operates through a range of conferences, seminars and publications. The various events have different target groups, and some of them are:

Our annual youth-seminar DAYS (Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar) is a week of exiting lectures, social and cultural activities and diplomatic simulation and has existed since 1985. Each year 40 young people from about 20 different countries travel to Aalborg Airbase and have a once-in-a-life-time experience. The participants are students between 20-30 years of age and have an interest in international relations in common. Furthermore they are always intelligent and ambitious, and a lot of the former participants have made their living in dealing with international relations in one form or another.

Two seminars for college teachers and their students where they get a chance to learn more about relevant security issues, and discuss them with both politicians, experts and other teachers/students. The conference for teachers is a two-days conference where, among others, the Danish Minister of Defence participate, and the teachers attend a range of lectures held by the best experts and researchers. Later their students will have a day of lectures and debate with young researchers who besides being experts also are role models for the young people attending.

Ad hoc seminars which are open for everybody is also an important aspect of our work, and we host several each year, some of them in cooperation with our youth-organization YATA (Youth Atlantic Treaty Association). The topics and form of the seminars vary but they are always open for everyone who are interested, and aim to represent all sides and arguments regarding a given subject. A recurrent event is Copenhagen Conference which is linked to the topics of our publication "Sikkerhedspolitisk INFO".

An important part of DATA's work is to produce various publications. Sikkerhedspolitisk INFO (Security Policy INFO) is a magazine mainly written by our interns. We publish three to four issues each year and normally hosts our Copenhagen Conference on the same topics at least two times a year. Furthermore we have a range of ad hoc publications written by experts and researchers when we see a need for a given subject to be covered in a different manner than the "Sikkerhedspolitisk INFO" format.

The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association is a dynamic NGO and thus are open for new initiatives whether they are presented by our interns, YATA or simply single individuals with a good idea. DATA is part of an international network (Atlantic Treaty Association, ATA) and uses this network to reach not only the Danish public but also to facilitate international cooperation and understanding between the European countries and transatlantic partners.

Size of the organisation: 125 active members.

Email: atlant@atlant.dk  


For more information about Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (DATA) go to www.atlant.dk