Association of Danish Production Schools


As production schools, we intend to serve as a different start of a youth education to the young people who need to learn in a different way as the traditional education system is often academically based and better accommodate project-oriented and individualistic tuition.

The production schools constitute an offer with clear and manageable goals and frameworks for young people who need - or want - learning and practice to be closely connected. 

The crux of the learning environment and pedagogy of production schools is learning through practical work and the solving of tasks in a working community aimed a real production and marketing of goods and services. It is learning connected to and originating from practical experiences having as a goal to clarify and to train the young person's professional, social and personal competencies. (from the "Charter for the Danish Production Schools").

Target groups: 

Primary t.g.: 
The production schools (Leaders, teachers and board members of production schools).
The Association of Leaders at Danish Production schools.  

Secondary t.g.:
The Ministry of Education.
Unions for leaders and employees.
The Association of Danish Vocational Schools.
The vocational schools (youth education).

Tertiary t.g.:
Youth School Association. 
The Association of Danish Folk High Schools.
The Association of Danish Boarding Schools.


The Association of Danish Production Schools is a broad organisation providing political, legal and professional advice.

The organisation offers in-service training for the school' employees, in the form of introduction courses for new employees and various pedagogical courses as well as seminars and conferences around relevant themes.

The organisation also initiate and lead development projects concerning the special pedagogical approach of the school form.

The organisation's board and pedagogical committee put forward political themes as well within the organisation itself as in debates with educational politicians.

Resent years international work has increased. The Association cooperates with sister organisations in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Sweden with the common aim of offering a different way into youth education.

On the Danish Associations initiative an international umbrella organisation was formed: "The International Association of Production Schools" in April 2012.

Size of the organisation:

- Number of productions schools: 81
- Number of teacher training courses per year: 8 -10 
- Number of thematic conferences per year: 5-6



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