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DAEA's 34 member organisations cover a broad variety of activities and interests. They all operate countrywide.

Please find presentations in English about each single organisation in the menu to the left. (A few are still under construction.)
The presentations contain contact details, ie. email and website addresses (a few websites are in English).

Types of member organisations:

Some organisations are non-formal adult education providers, others are associations working for a specific goal. They all operate on a countrywide basis and they all represent informal or non-formal adult learning and participatory democracy ('folkeoplysning').

Adult education associations
Adult education associations offer study circles, courses and lectures. Creative, physical and relaxation subjects make up 2/3 of the courses.

Folk high schools
The folk high schools are residential schools which offer all kinds of general education courses.

Non-residential folk high schools
These schools help unemployed people develop their self-confidence and improve their possibilities in the labour market and in the education system.

Production schools
The participants are offered a combination of education and production programmes.

University Extension
Courses are offered in all parts of the country in association with the universities to bring the results of science outside the universities.

Women's associations
These associations deal with gender issues, equal opportunities, unionizing women and collecting development aid for women.

Artistic and creative people
Associations for amateur musicians, choir singers and actors.

Environmental organisations
Educational activities about organic lifestyle and green consumer practice.

FDB is an association of cooperative societies and private members engaged in educational activities on consumer issues.

Local radio and TV
The association works for an improvement of the possibilities of a broad and vivid local media.

Other associations
Several other members of DAEA are engaged in international, defence, culture, health issues etc.

Desciptions of member organisations: