DAEA's objectives and tasks

DAEA's goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for non-formal adult learning and our member organisations in order for their users to get the best experience possible when participating in their activities.


DAEA’s objectives are:

  • to gain recognition and legitimacy as the voice of the civil society being an active, visible and reliable player in society.
  • to become the driving force of the MOs in their organizational and activity development.
  • to improve the conditions for non-formal adult learning and participatory democracy in Denmark and ensure the acknowledgement of the values of the ’folkeoplysning’ in society

DAEA’s tasks are:

  • to support the interests of the MOs in relation to political decision makers.
  • to offer relevant high quality services to the MOs.
  • to contribute to innovation and development of the non-formal adult learning  and participatory democracy.
  • to be an active part in the political debates about the issues important to the non-formal sector.

DAEA's approach is:

  • to make the efforts of our MOs visible
  • to be the voice of  the non-formal adult learning sector
  • to represent the sector's interests in communication with other organizations, politicians and civil servants - to disseminate experiences from the non-formal sector's broad diversity of learning activities
  • to facilitate networks between the MOs, and between the MOs and other associations and educational stakeholders
  • to analyze and develop ideas and methods for innovation within the non-formal sector
  • to provide high quality support  to the MOs - to fund the MOs' projects and innovative pratice
  • to give voice to the civil society
  • to encourage democracy and active citizenship
  • to establish space for meetings between facts and opinions

International awareness
DAEA encourages international cooperation among the MOs and is an active part of Nordic, European and worldwide networks.

DAEA's chair man is the present president of EAEA.